Frequently asked questions ─ Coffs Harbour

Frequently asked questions ─ Coffs Harbour


Browse through our frequently asked questions below to learn more about what Mobile Fone Doctor has to offer.  

In most cases, yes. Our general motto is “If we can source it, we can fix it!” That means, if we can source the parts for your phone, then we can fix it for you. Parts for most types of phone are readily available through our resources, so the chances are good that we can provide you with a full repair. This rule also goes for computers, tablets and other electronic devices. If you have any questions, bring it by and one of our technicians will be glad to take a look.

Virtually any device will need a new battery if you continue using it long enough. On average, the battery will need to be swapped every 1-2 years, or every 400 charges. You’ll have a good idea that it’s time for a new battery when your current one no longer holds a charge properly, takes longer than usual to charge, or won’t work without being connected to an external power source. Our team can help you find the right battery for your device.

In some cases, a water damaged phone can be salvaged. First, remove the device from the water and turn it off. Don’t press any other buttons. Dry your phone as well as you can with a towel. If your battery is easily removed, do so. This could prevent it from shorting out. Once you have dried the phone to the best of your ability, place it in a bag with rice or silica beads if available to help absorb some of the moisture.

We offer a price match guarantee, so we will perform the work for the same rate. Plus, you’ll get the bonus of our 3-Month in-house warranty on the work we perform.

This can happen if you have an older device with outdated hardware. The new software updates can be too advanced for the existing hardware, which can lead to performance issues.

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