Affordable tablet repairs in Coffs Harbour

Affordable tablet repairs in Coffs Harbour

For phone and tablet repairs, you can't go wrong with Mobile Fone Doctor in Coffs Harbour.

Our skilled technicians provide thorough repairs using only high-quality parts and equipment to ensure proper repairs of your phones, tablets, computers, or even home appliances. With over 10 years in the industry and a combined 25 years in the telecoms and repairs industry, you can rest assured you’re getting the expertise of a skilled service provider.

Our customers turn to us with all their repairs because we provide:

Diagnostic — Device Repairs in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Quick Diagnostics:

We’ll quickly inspect your mobile phone, tablet or computer to provide advice on the best repair option. Our motto is that if we can source the parts, we can help you get it fixed! We’ll also provide you with inside knowledge on how to properly operate your device, so you don’t experience new issues in the future. And we also check for minor or hidden issues as we reassemble the device to ensure there are no other underlying problems.

Repair — Device Repairs in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Fast Repairs:

The majority of repairs we perform can be finished in as little as 1 hour for mobile phones, and half a day for tablets. All repairs are completed by qualified technicians, and virtually all repairs are finished within 24 hours. Our work comes with a 3-Month in-house warranty for added peace of mind.

We proudly service many of the top brands including, LG, Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Huawei and more. We also sell a wide range of accessories that can protect your devices from moisture and dust.